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War Dogs Milwaukee has opened an account to receive donations for the benefit of Military and Service dogs who are in need of medical care. We want to provide financial help to those 4 legged veterans who have served us so well, whether it be in the military or other related fields of service.

Our first goal is to help a Marine Veteran Cody Crangle and his adopted bomb sniffing dog Flo. They are both Veterans of Afghanistan and are now retired from the military. Flo recently suffered a torn ACL and was in need of surgery. Cody was in need of funds for this operation and related post-op rehab. So WAR DOGS decided to develop a fund for her care. Articles have been written in the Journal/Sentinel about this situation and the response has been overwhelming.

WAR DOGS has decided that after Flo's needs are fulfilled we want to keep the fund going to help other 4 legged veterans with whatever medical needs they may have. Helping Service Dogs owned by Veterans experiencing medical issues is our top priority.

So PLEASE help us in our goal to provide the care that these dogs need. They have saved numerous lives and continue to help Veterans and deserve to be treated with love and respect in their time of need.


Please make checks out to:  WAR DOGS      Mail to:     National Exchange Bank & Trust
                                                                             W239 N1700 Busse Road
                                                                                                                                                Waukesha,WI 53188-1160                                         

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           Journal Sentinel Article - Flo & Cody                                                        
               Journal Sentinel Article - Fund



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    The WAR DOGS group raises money for our operating costs, and the Military, Police Depts., and other K-9 organizations that need our financial help for our four legged hero's.  WAR DOGS is happy to do presentations to various groups that would like to hear about how these dogs were used in the military today and in the past. The use of Video's and Power Point Presentations is all part of the program. We also have handlers and their dogs attend the presentation as well. It usually lasts approximately 45 minutes with time at the end for questions and answers. We also would like to bring along our apparel for sales if anyone would like to buy any of our items. 

The fee for these presentations vary with the number of people attending. The fees are listed below:
0 -  25 people,  $50.00 donation
25 - 50 people, $100.00 donation
50 - 100 people, $200.00 donation
Payable to:  WAR DOGS